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April 2007

  Another of my rare big days out at St. Andrews because 5,500 miles is a long way! . . .


So to the Press room I go, and I turn to this fella and say, "Didn't you use to be Joe Gallagher?!" It turns out he still is. I forget what he told me he does at the club, but his main income is via Rover in Solihull . . . following Villa fans around the plant and breaking their legs.


Spot the ball and win 3s 6d.


The [lousy] St. Andrews turf flies in this shot. It sez 'football' to me, but where the hell is the ball [again]?


McSheffrey tries a long lob, and kills a Sheffield Wednesday supporter at the back of the Olympic Gallery.


Seb Larsson thwarts a Sheffield Wednesday attack.


In a 'blue fog' Seb Larsson gets another Blues attack under way.


Not only was Humpty Dumpty pushed, but so was Jerome.


Seb steps up to take a corner at the Tilton end and we're minutes away from the deadlock breaking goal.


Jerome goes close, but then . . .


Jerome returns to the penalty area to fire the first after the keeper had spilled the ball under pressure from his own defender. Another defender narrowly avoids a red card as the ball whistles past his gesticulation of adulation.


Time to celebrate! Jerome rarely seems happy, or is he always like that?


Borat's English bro appears and wins a bet to win him much more than his fine. That plus life imprisonment, a modeling career with Vic Secret, and an Aston Villa season ticket.


I missed the second goal as I was using a long lens with a limited field of view. It was good for this shot though, as Larsson heads for the Bull Ring to celebrate. That second goal put us on the threshold of the Premiership . . . . again.


I have a lot of favourite shots from this great day out, but in my top 3 is this one of young fans. It's so good to see kids following the Blues as they are the Club's future in so many ways. I have 4 boys of my own and when they don a Blues shirt I just melt. Yep, daft int I loike.

All content is strict copyright Blues Muse/John Baker Photographer LLC/John Baker Designs/

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