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April 2005

  I flew over from the States, rented a van, and about 8 of us headed up the M6 to Liverpool . . .


Liverpool have won most of the trophies in recent deaf-aids, so Everton are 'the People's Club'.
Stands to reason.  ;o)


The away fans are tucked into the corner of an old stand which seems to me to be a bit of a fire hazard.
Everton's opposition today is the Blues, so there is no chance of fire while Steve Bruce is in charge.


Oh, hang on . . . we score first via a low drive from outside the box by Emile Heskey. It takes us all by surprise . . . even the photographer.  ;o)


Pandiani puts a ball into the box and some guy who looks familiar moves in to cut out the threat.


Emile again, this time lunging for a ball no-one can see.
Maybe xxxxxxx will win me a few thousand quid on Place The Ball?


"Anything you can do, I can do better" says Pandiani with this effort.
At least he got the ball in the picture, which means he's the winner.


With his hair held in place by Vegemite, gentleman Stan Lazaridis gets in a cross while Hibbert closes in.


Half time, and we're up 1-0. Ye gads!


Melchiot pumps the ball forward while Damien Johnson thinks, "Why the hell is he passing the ball forward?!"

Then King Kenny does likewise with a ball up to Anderton, Nafti and a cast of thousands. Kenny was right about Steve Bruce you know.


Maik Taylor gets his 15 minutes of fame on the Everton big screen.

An Everton fan and character that tells me, 'Hey, take my picture!'


All content is strict copyright Blues Muse/John Baker Photographer LLC/John Baker Designs/

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